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2005 I set out on behalf of my elderly parent to purchase a home in the Las Vegas area....
...Richmond American Homes, assured him that there wouldn't be a problem. Gavin and his Farther put down 10 % OF THE HOMES VALUE
$26, 000.00 Cont

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The housing market has been struggling a lot this year throughout the States. Home loan applications hit a 24 month low, fueling the fire for a declining market (reported November 22nd).
 Infract housing prices have been progressively declining in  48 states.
Where are the opportunities in the housing market? North Carolina is today's hot spot. Property there has increased 13% over the past 3 months.

Has the housing market bottomed?
A lot of investors believe that the housing market has all most bottomed. Many investors such as Bill Gates are starting to invest in the home builders.
So is now the time to buy that dream house? Probably not. Now may be a good time to start getting a feel for the housing market. Consider applying for a home equity loan or ARM. Adjustable Rate Mortgages) Its sensible to make sure your credit is in check. If not it may take some time to clean it up (just in time for the bottoming market)
At PaylessBills.com we expect the market to bottom around January. Many homeowners are trying to sell there houses at the moment and December is the quietest month of the year. This should boost unsold home inventories up.
Also there is a record high number of homeowners with ARM loans also creating a rapid growth of repo's on the market. Many people that got involved in ARM loans weren't aware of the commitment they were getting there selves into and are now facing extremely high interest rates. Such high rates are pressuring homeowners to sell there properties.

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